Tantra Yoga Workshop with Godfrey Devereux – May 20th to 22nd

Tantra Yoga Workshop with Godfrey Devereux

maxresdefault (1)We are very happy to announce that Godfrey will be back to the Red Earth Centre in Paris next Spring proposing a wonderful workshop. Places are limited and there is a lot of interest already shown, so please reserve soon to avoid any disappointment.

Friday, May 20th, 19.30pm

Talk: “The tantric roots of yoga” (Entrance free – please write or call to reserve, places limited)

The human body, as an extension of nature is an expression of the feminine principle. Yoga posture praxis cannot work if it is approached, even if only unconsciously, as a patriarchal, ascetic practice of transcendence. This talk will explore the tantric roots of yoga posture praxis and the deep fertility of the pleasures, obvious and subtle that it can provide.

Saturday, May 21st, 10am to 1.30pm – 3pm to 6.30pm

Making love, the art of intimacy

Making love is not a skill, but a frame of mind. Becoming intimate with your own presence as love is the only way to become able to be genuinely intimate in love with others. This workshop will explore the experiences, attitudes, and tools that can make genuine love a real possibility, while remaining clothed. Using yoga posture praxis and meditation godfrey will use refined and focussed instruction to invite you to experience the deep, impersonal love at the heart of human consciousness. Open to anyone interested in love and intimacy regardless of experience in yoga. There will be no sexual activity during this workshop, as we will be exploring the love upon which satisfying sexual activity depends.

Sunday, May 22nd, 10am to 1.30pm – 3pm to 6.30pm

The art of being pleasure

Pleasure is the natural expression of conscious awareness, and the subtle heart of the human body. To become free from the destructive pursuit of external and intense pleasures and the dependencies they generate, we need some alternative. Dynamic Tantra uses movement, stillness, intimate instruction and contact to access and release core sexual energy so that the pleasure nature of the body reveals itself. Then, perhaps, your experience of simply being alive can provide a satisfaction more lasting and nourishing than that provided by externally driven experiences, and you can find a genuine ease and freedom in your sexual nature. There will be no sexual activity during this workshop, as we will be exploring the energies upon which satisfying sexual activity depends.


Friday talk: free

Saturday session: 100€

Sunday session: 100€

Both days 190€ 

Early bird (until April 15th) both sessions 180€

Registration open, places limited: contact

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