Immersion Module 1 “Nourishing”

Based entirely on action and experience, the Dynamic Yoga Immersions constitute a comprehensive grounding in yoga posture praxis that can serve as a powerful basis for both satisfying self-praxis and effective teaching.

Led by Senior Dynamic Yoga Trainer Olivia Crooks with Sergio Teodosio in Paris, each of the five modules is complete in itself, and supported by comprehensive notes on yoga posture praxis.

Each module can be attended individually.

The Immersion Modules are open to those who would like to deepen their understanding of yoga practise (which includes those even beginning their journey of yoga) and to those wishing to teach (or already teaching) yoga. Completion of all four immersion modules will make you eligible to continue on to the dynamic yoga ‘Teaching Skills’, 3 weeks, residential course in France in August 2015. Which is a 400hr Teacher Training.

NOURISHING IMMERSION ONE: focusses on cultivating the Dynamics of Integrity in the whole body so as to access somatic intelligence consciously. You will learn how to activate the body with integrity in a broad range of dynamic and static supine, prone, seated, standing and inverted postures. This immersion is open to anyone, teachers as well as practitioners, wishing to establish a stable basis of integrity for their praxis or teaching. Especially fruitful for beginners, and those who think that they are advanced practitioners.

All Dates and Prices for 2017

Module 1 – Nourishing, 4th – 7th March 2017

Module  2 – Integrating, 27th-30th May 2017

Module  3 – Releasing, 10th – 13th June 2017

Module  4 – Opening, 11th – 14th November 2017

Module 5 – Deepening, 2nd – 5th December 2017

Registration open for all modules. Places very limited!


Module full (4 days) : 380 €

SPECIAL OFFER: All 5 modules 1750 € (only valid for bookings made prior February 15th, 2017)

Weekend only (2 days): 200€

Only posture practice classes (9:30 to ca. 12:00) 45 €/class (only possible if beginning on Saturday)

Information et inscription
07 82 92 45 97
09 50 31 57 25

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