Immersion Modules FAQs

What’s the structure of a typical day?

Each day begins at 9:30AM with a posture practice class followed by a long relax in savasan.
After a short pause, Olivia, assisted by Sergio exposes the techniques and postures proposed during the practice.

Since it will already be around 1:30PM we’ll have a 90 minute lunch break. There are several possibilities around the studio, or you can bring you something and eat it by the canal if sunny weather!

We meet again at 15:00 when a guided personal exploration of the different techniques and postures practised and exposed during the morning session takes place. Each day finishes either with a meditation, a relax in savasan or even a short and chilling posture practice.

There’s plenty of time for questions!

Who can participate?

Modules are open to anyone interested regardless of his or her level of practice. They are an ideal introduction for those beginning their yoga journey!

Are the modules only for yoga teachers?

No, modules are open to everyone and their focus is on the practice, to develop an intelligent and nourishing self practice, to deepen your practice.
Teaching related questions won’t be answered.

Aren’t the immersions part of the teacher training?

The immersions (if all attended) can constitute the first part of the 400h teacher training which should be completed at Windfire with the 3 weeks Teaching Skills retreat.

Can I attend the immersions in a different order than proposed?

Yes, you can. Each module is complete on itself and they can be attended in a different order than the one proposed.

Is it possible to attend only part of a module?

Yes, you have all options in the information page. Note that if you want to come to the posture practice classes only this can be done beginning on the first day of the module only, you can then take from one to four classes.

If you have any more questions, just write to us!

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