Australian Bushflower Essences

Floral therapy has existed for millenia in indigenous tribes (the Australian Aborigines), ancient civilisations (the ancient Egyptians), and in the roots of Western medicine (Paracelsus), but mostly owes its contemporary fame to Edward Bach, the 19th century founder of Bach Remedies, beginning a sort of modern renaissance in floral therapy.


Australian Bushflower Essences are particularly powerful and effective. Due to the geographical separation of the Australian landmass from the rest of the world millions of years ago, Australia is home to the most primal botanical species in the world. Australian bushflowers and plants are extraordinary on all levels – botanically, energetically and visually !  The flowers are gathered in the most remote and energetically-intact regions of Australia ; the energy transmitted though the essences is exceptionally vibrant. There is also a wide range of flowers(69) from which to choose and target more specifically your needs.


I first encountered Australian Bushflower Essences about 10 years ago, when I bought a bottle of « Travel Essence » (a blend of several bushflowers used to treat the effects of long distance travel and jet lag)  in an Australian pharmacy on the eve of yet another Australia – Europe plane trip. I was amazed to find that I had absolutely no jet lag and felt completely normal, even after the usual 20 hour flight and 7 hour time difference ! They worked ! I would never travel without Travel Essence now and have shared that remedy with many grateful friends and family, and my son who despite being a veteran of five antipodean trips, does not know about jet lag !

So in 2007 when I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar with Ian White (founder of Australian Bushflower Essences) on « Flower Essences for Children », I didn’t hesitate. Since then I have participated in all three levels of training with Nadia Jaquemin (Ian’s representative in France) and Ian White. I use the essences in my own life and in my healing practice where I administer them in individual sessions, or sometimes using them on my hands to amplify shiatsu treatments.


Contrary to herbalism or treatments using essential oils (which use the concentrate of the plant to heal), floral therapy is a vibrational medecine with similarities to homeopathy. Flower essences are made by placing the flowers in bowls of water in the sun (« solarisation »), and then using this liquid (diluted) orally or topically to heal. The energetic imprint of the flower, easily absorbed and carried by the water, is diffused throughout the body.

It is an ideal accompaniment (in tandem with conventional treatment if necessary) for emotional and spiritual disharmonies, and over time can also heal  many physical symptoms.

Floral therapy is not used as a replacement for, but as a complement to, physician-prescribed medicine. Like many alternative therapies, such as correctly administered shiatsu or yoga, it can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with any conventional medical treatment and has no side-effects.


In an individual treatment, we discuss symptoms, history and lifestyle, look at images of the flowers, and use hands-on treatment to choose  a blend of flowers (usually not more than five) which are the most effective to target your particular needs. The session takes 45 minutes to one hour, the patient wears loose, comfortable clothing, preferably of natural fibres. It is best not to eat a large meal nor drink caffeine or alcohol before a flower essence session.


“My experience at Red Earth Centre was Bush Flower Treatment with Louisa. I was lucky enough to meet Louisa in a pivotal moment of my life and she is definitely one of the people who helped me most. Louisa is one of the most intuitive, wise and caring women I have ever met, and yet she is humble and funny, too. She has a whole set of instruments at her fingertips and knows just how to use them. The moment I’d walk into the Red Earth Centre and lie on the futon for the treatment, I’d feel safe, cared for and hopeful. Louisa listens with her hands and her ears and her heart. She’d talk to me, then feel the tensions in my body through shiatsu, then use her intuition to find the perfect mix of Bush flowers for me. The improvements in my calmness, courage and mental clarity were dramatic. I have recommended her to several friends who are likewise enchanted with her.” Susanne, Paris


COST : 75€ (personal blend of essences to take home included)

INFO / RES. : Louisa Raszyk 06 10 89 76 04  /


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