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In a career dedicated exclusively to body-mind inquiry since 1990, Louisa established the Red Earth Centre in Paris 2004. She is one of only eight Senior Dynamic Yoga teachers in the world today, and is also a practicing shiatsu therapist.

Born and raised in a remote coastal corner of Australia, Louisa’a university studies in Japanese language led her to Japan where she fell upon what was to become her lifelong passion – movement studies and the bodymind.

Louisa stayed in Japan for five years, studying shiatsu, butoh and yoga. Her investigations took her to flamenco in Spain, where she stayed for eight years, studying and integrating the power and intensity of flamenco into the great spaciousness of butoh. It was in Spain where Louisa met and began a long yoga apprenticeship Godfrey Devereux (www.dynamicyoga.com), and where she began her professional work as a yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist.

She is also the mother of two small children.  Louisa teaches and practices yoga, and practices shiatsu in Paris and Australia. She enjoys writing and is currently working on Godfrey’s English interpretation of the yoga sutras into French.

Contact : redearthcentre@yahoo.com

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