Dynamic Yoga Video

Dynamic Yoga class suitable for all levels with Louisa Raszyk Filmed: May 2012 Run-time: 110 minutes Language: French

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The yoga video takes approximately 1HR30MIN to download. Please make sure you have a strong internet connection before purchase.

Price: € 18,00

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Trail Yoga Class Gift Voucher

Give the gift of well-being with a Red Earth Centre gift voucher, for a first-time class with Louisa Raszyk. For more information about Louisa’s Dynamic Yoga classes, click here.

simply pay and print, what a great gift!

some satisfied students write:

“Finding this oasis in the heart of Paris when I first moved here four years ago really was a revelation. Having practiced yoga for some years I had had many different teachers who taught many different yogic styles, but none had helped me connect to my practice in the way that Louisa did. Inspired by her teaching I began a daily practice at home, which I supplemented with classes at the Red Earth Centre in order to ensure that my form was correct and to learn as much as I could from Louisa. The centre itself reflects Louisa’s open, gentle yet extremely effective approach and I would recommend her classes to anyone. The fact that her classes are conducted in English/French or both at the same time offered an added bonus of learning more French while doing something truly pleasurable! ” (Mandy, Paris) 
“I have been doing a bit of yoga on and off for more than 10 years now.  More often not practicing than practicing.  Since I have started with Louisa at the Red Earth Centre, two years ago, I find myself addicted to yoga and to her style of teaching.  Louisa is not only technically well trained in how to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind, but she is also intuitive in her practice which brings a warm ambiance to her class.  I am always amazed by how I feel with even the slightest adjustments in my poses corrected by her. It opens up a whole other level of understanding my own body which I wouldn’t have discovered or felt.  I always walk out of her class feeling great!” (Mitzi, Paris)


Price: € 17,00

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Tao Te King

Tao Te Ching: An Illustrated Journey [Hardcover]
Stephen Mitchell (Translator)

This fresh and accessible translation of the great Taoist classic is poetic and inspiring. I love to use this text daily, to inspire my day and open my mind. The classical Chinese paintings throughout the text provide a beautiful contemplative accompaniment to the text.Once again the great Stephen Mitchell has done a fine job of making a classical masterpiece relevant to today.

Price: € 12,00

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Shiatsu Gift Voucher

First time shiatsu consultation with Louisa Raszyk.

(simply pay and print)

A first time shiatsu treatment with Louisa takes about one hour and 15 minutes. You will leave the Red Earth Centre feeling deeply restored, present and refreshed. For more information on Louisa’s shiatsu sessions, click here.

One satisfied client wrote:

“I have been visiting the Red Earth Centre for shiatsu treatments with Louisa, since its opening in 2003. Louisa is an extremely serious professional and one of the very few people whose opinion I trust, for guidance in my health and wellbeing. I value this immensely.   Apart from that I am always impressed to see how she has the ability to adapt the ‘depth’ of her shiatsu sessions according to one’s needs.”  – Tatiana, Paris

Price: € 85,00

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Flower Essence Consultation Gift Voucher

Flower Essence Consultation Gift Voucher

(simply pay and print out the voucher)

For a one hour consultation for Australian Bushflower Essences, a relaxing, nourishing moment. You will leave with a bottle containing your personalised blend of essences.

one satisfied client wrote:

“My experience at Red Earth Centre was Bush Flower Treatment with Louisa. I was lucky enough to meet Louisa in a pivotal moment of my life and she is definitely one of the people who helped me most. Louisa is one of the most intuitive, wise and caring women I have ever met, and yet she is humble and funny, too. She has a whole set of instruments at her fingertips and knows just how to use them. The moment I’d walk into the Red Earth Centre and lie on the futon for the treatment, I’d feel safe, cared for and hopeful. Louisa listens with her hands and her ears and her heart. She’d talk to me, then feel the tensions in my body through shiatsu, then use her intuition to find the perfect mix of Bush flowers for me. The improvements in my calmness, courage and mental clarity were dramatic. I have recommended her to several friends who are likewise enchanted with her.” Susanne, Paris

Price: € 75,00

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“Loving What Is” by Byron Katie

Additional DescriptionMore Details

An exceptional book by and exceptional person, Byron Katie. If you are not yet familiar with Byron Katie’s simple yet powerfully effective four questions, known as “The Work”, this book is perfect for you. Simple, effective inquiry to help us realise that no situation is stressful, it is only our thinking about it that makes it so.

Price: € 11,32

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