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Yoga – a Journey into Intimacy. Self-inquiry rather than self-improvement


Many practices can bring us into the present, integrated state of awareness known vaguely as « yoga » (« link, union, connection »). However it is worth noting that the yoga asana method has developed over millenia as a system of movement and breath awareness specifically designed for nourishing consciousness.

You are your body. Your body is the sum total physical expression of all experiences you have ever had. It is an obvious pathway through which to experience the present moment and everything that has brought you to it.

Practice yoga sensitively , honestly, nonviolently, and the inherent interconnectedness that is the basis for intelligent life and evolution is revealed. Nothing is wrong, nothing is imperfect or out of place , or to quote Byron Katie : «  Loving what is. EVERYTHING is here to enlighten you «   .

Whether you are flexible, stiff, young, old, skinny, fat, in good health or in bad health, in crisis or in calm, in any stage of life you can practice yoga : mindfully, generously making simple movements (for some the only movement possible is the breath – breathe in, breathe out : the basis for life and our only common denominator) and observing , accepting their impacts.

Discover Dynamic Yoga at Red Earth Centre with Louisa Raszyk. Weekly classes, see schedule.





Journée Portes Ouvertes le dimanche 30 sept 10H – 19H

COURS GRATUITS 10H – 19H dimanche 30 septembre

Thé, snacks et chat dans la cour toute la journée!!!

INFO /RESA : 06 10 89 76 04 /

Red Earth Centre, 235, rue Lafayette Paris 10

10H Shiatsu (Louisa Raszyk)
11H Yoga Dynamique (Louisa Raszyk)
12H Hatha Yoga (Eric Zaoui)
13H Essences de Fleurs du Bush Australien (Louisa Raszyk)
14H Méditation Zen (Amy Hollowell)
15H Yoga prénatal (Tatiana Abbey)
16H Relaxation pour la Naissance (Elizabeth Echlin)
17H Hatha Yoga (Aloys Berdoll)
18H Yoga Irano (Aloys Berdoll)



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