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One Billion Rising (and one!)


« one in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten in her lifetime…one billion women, one billion rising »


It’s been a few weeks now I’ve been hearing about an event called One Billion Rising :  a global event inviting women to dance together, to come together in an expression of soldarity against the phenomenal global violence against women.


In November last year I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Lila. I often talk to her, tell her stories, tell her my thoughts. I often tell her that she is a lucky one, born in Paris in the 21st century. She is welcome as a girl ; she will have an education ; she will be able to love and marry whomever she chooses ; she will be able to wear whatever she chooses ; she will be able to choose and express her religion, her  beliefs, her opinions ; whether or not to have a family ; she will be able to walk in the street, catch a bus, travel, without fear of attack.


Things could so easily have been very different.


For myself and for my daughter, and in an effort to support all these millions of women around the planet in their daily struggle, I will be rising (with Lila !) on Thursday 14th February.

Please rise with us !


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