Quelques pensées sur le Yoga


Yoga is now.

We need no millenia of masters, no creeds, no guru, no special dietary practices, no imposed preconceived practice, no prayer, no rationalised hope. No God, no esoteric knowledge, no  cleansing techniques, we do not need to cross a desert nor force our bodies into uncomfortable shapes, we do not need to hold our breath, deprive ourselves of food, travel to India, wear orange, wear white, wear turbans, clean our intestines with cloths. No guru, no trimmings.

Because in simply in observing and accepting the inevitably imperfect present moment, yoga is .  Accepting the stiffness, the stagnation, the lightness, the flow, the dull density….by using our yoga practice to truly  access and accept the bodymind we cultivate presence and fullness in all aspects of our life, and in doing so prepare for awareness in our own death.

Yoga postural practice reveals the innate interpenetration of mind and body ; we come at a sense of integration, interconnectedness, we re-establish connection as a known physical reality. It is the practice of cultivating connectedness.

Global body investigation.

Cultivating connectedness.

Cultivating connection.

Cultivating consciousness.

Cultivating integration.

Cultivating intimacy.





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